Aardvark String Quartet
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ASQ is a collective of professionals providing music for weddings and other fine events in Germany and Washington State, founded by Bonny Buckley.

We needed a name, something that would stand out, and somehow invoke the sense of the fun and creativity of the people we are. Aardvarks are also slow-moving, yet powerful creatures. The project evolved in the high desert steppes of central Washington which known for its fruit, vegetables, hops, grapes, craft brews and regional wines.

ASQ has a large repertoire to select from for parties, receptions, dinners, art openings and wine tastings.

One of our special talents is being able to adjust our sound and musical selections to your taste and to the acoustics of the room of your event, whether indoors our outdoors. A traditional quartet is composed of two violins, viola and cello, but we also provide solo serenades or smaller groups such as violin and double-bass duets, or a string trio. !

String music in particular gives a very warm, enjoyable and comfortable feeling that all ages can relate to. Aardvark String Quartet plays according to the needs of your event.

Who are you? We look forward to hearing from you! Please send mail to bonnybuckley at yahoo dot com .
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